And so we begin...

It's been a minute since I felt the need to blog about anything. 

Water lily dreams by Karina Lawrence
It feels odd, familiar, yet strange. Like a sock that's been through the tumble dryer a few too many times, so it's stiff and uncomfortable. But hopefully, like that sock, it will be comfortable again with a bit of use. I just need to warm up a bit, maybe do some stretches (speaking of stretching I'm prepping for a Santa Dash real soon, you can donate to a worthy charity via my Just Giving page and look out for embarrassing photos coming up on my insta and Twitter feed on December 3!)

I finally got the chance to start a career, once I'd figured out what I wanted to do. I got 12 months experience under my belt and I'm now looking for a new and exciting post to show someone everything I learned and everything I'm capable of.

I finally got around to posting my art on a website for the world to see! I never thought I'd have the courage, but with a lot of encouragement I realised maybe I do have something worth showing off! Confidence isn't something that came naturally to me.

And I finally am being proactive. I'm rebooting the blog, creating new art CONSTANTLY, and even practicing my French skill, which will come in handy for that novel I put on hold 12 months ago...

Karina_Lawrence on insta
But for now I'm working on week 2 of the Rebubble art challenge which you can read all about on their blog...

And see my post about my week 1 submission and process very soon!

So as you can see, I am really busy, and loving it.


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