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It's been a year... in more ways than one

It's been a year since I last felt the urge to blog, and this year has been quite the year already. This month has felt like quite a year to be honest. The term "unprecedented" is being used a lot where I work. These are indeed unprecedented times for us, but the world has recovered from this type of event before. And I personally hope that we learn so much about what our priorities are and what we want our new normal to look like after this period of unprecedented change. My life already looks vastly different. Before Covid I was commuting for an hour each morning to get into the office. I begrudged my job, because I spent 13 hours of the day out of the house just to complete a 10 hour work day. Now my "commute" is thankfully 1 minute as I have been afforded the privilege of being able to work from home. And I do see it as such a privilege, with so many of my friends being furloughed, losing their jobs or bravely risking their safety and that of their famil