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My mindful bootcamp: if you treat yourself like garbage, you'll feel like garbage

Just like puppies aren't just for Christmas, mindful treatment isn't just for everyone else around you. If you're anything like me, taking care of yourself hasn't ever been much of a priority. Sure, you probably "reward" yourself with the odd treat, often food (we'll get back to that subject later), sometimes new clothes, books, games (whatever brings you instant joy, you know what it is), but you're not actually taking care of yourself. Eight weeks ago, amongst other things, I was constantly dehydrated from not drinking enough water. It made my headaches worse, I was cranky and tired, and my skin did not look great. Yet I was aware that I should be drinking a couple litres of water a day, it wasn't something I discovered for the first time at age 31 and felt absolute horror that no one had told me about before. I knew I should be drinking more water, but why didn't I? If you're a pet owner or parent would you leave them without enoug

Treat your passion like a job

Now, I can already hear you grumbling because my brain is too, but stick with me here. You may think that treating a passion like a job is a bad thing, but that's probably because you don't like your job. Or maybe you love your job, but it's tough and hard work. Either way, you most likely dedicate at least 8 hours, probably more, to your job. You put yourself together, leave your baggage at the door and give it your best. Every. Damn. Day. For the entirety of your working day or night, you do your best to (at the very least) stay employed, do well enough to get paid, take money home. I don't know anyone who works because they want to, but they must exist, and they are most likely doing something they love, and are passionate about, for a living. What are you passionate about? Deep down. What would make you not only want to dedicate eight, ten or sixteen hours of your day to it, but you would willingly do all day every day for a living, if only you could. Now, so

Change, it comes in all shapes an sizes

How long would you dedicate to change your life?  A day, a week, a month, a year? It is, after all, the only life you're getting. So you better be prepared to take what you want while you can, as it may well be the only chance you get. How about three weeks? Just 21 days, to change the way you live your life. It's not a lot but somehow it might just be enough. Research shows that small changes can become new habits within just 21 days. The bigger the change though, the longer you'll have to dedicate. But lets start with three weeks to make a small change, that first step. After hurting my foot and having to cancel a trip I sat at home wondering this very question. Did I hurt myself because I had become so out of shape? I looked in the mirror and the stranger on the other side shrugged, jiggling about the extra pounds that had formed over the past few months... Well, self pity wasn't going to do anything for my mood, my figure or my career... In fact, the only one