Flash fiction #10weeksofhorror challenge

Friday arrived, and I've just finished a week full of work stress. So, for my offering this week, a flash fiction piece... short and sweet, hope you enjoy! #10weeksofhorror #8nuns

In the closet, in the dark, she hid, listening. A heavy weight dragged then thumped. The floorboards creaked.Drag and thump. Drag and thump. She tried not to make a sound, not to even breathe. Her body shook with fear. Drag and thump. It was getting closer. Drag and thump. The floorboards creaked again, this time closer still. Silence filled the house, she held her breath and prayed. She knew he was listening. The bodies of her dead sisters lay around the house as proof of what he was capable.The floorboard creaked again, he was shifting his weight, listening intently in every direction. She knew it, she could sense it, even if she couldn’t see him. She couldn’t see anything in that dark. Drag and thump. His sudden movement startled her. She barely made a sound, but it was enough. Drag and thump. Closer. Drag and thump. Closer. Drag and thump. BANG the door flew open. A toothy grin greeted her. A shriek let loose out of her body. She’d be joining her sisters now.


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