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I was born in Surrey (England), brought up in Galicia (Spain) and currently reside in a small town in the North West of England... I've always enjoyed writing, scribbling away on scraps of paper and daydreaming whilst the world happens around me.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Burning Love

The night touched my skin
Hot then cold, broken then empty
Her voice came from within
Harsh and thick, slick and deadly

Treacle lies trickled in
Black and sweet, vile and sickly
Told me words that made me sin
Held me tight, never gently

Tempered cries born from within
Hurt and blind, lost and crazy
Broken sighs keep closing in
Unspoken truths may yet save me

Frozen tears keep her from drowning
False and rehearsed, sharp and salty
A grip like knives of acid burning
Melt away skin, bones and sanity

Her hot tongue at my throat misleading
Whispering lies, pulling me closely
Tell me more between practiced sighing
Maybe someday they’ll make me happy