The past few months I've been struggling to find my voice, I wanted to start sharing posts on my blog again, but wasn't sure what I wanted to say. Tonight as I sat typing up some edits on my latest WIP "The Accidental Quest", I felt a sudden surge of inspiration. And for the first time in years I wrote a poem. I'm not great when it comes to poetry, I was once told by a tutor at University that I didn't have the heart for it, and perhaps that's true. But here it is, my first post in months, my first poem in years... because after all, my voice is mine and only mine, perhaps it was never lost at all...

I heard a voice I recognised as yours.
Familiar, warm, intoxicating, seductive.
Home and destruction all in one.

I heard those tones and my heart constricted.
Your whisper in my ear tore shreds of my sanity.
My salvation, my undoing.

Hot breath on my neck, hot hands clutch my chest.
Familiar, warm, intoxicating, seductive.
Just one more bite, just one last night.

I heard your voice close but I could not hide.
No more time, no more games, no more lies, no more flight.
I heard a voice, the voice was yours.


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