OH! the horror!

It's been weeks since my last Wednesday film review... but I've not forgotten about them! The delay in writing this post is partly due to life getting in the way of blogging (as it has a nasty habit of doing), and partly because horror films are not my thing...
So Day 4 - Your favourite horror movie... this required some inspiration. 

There is only one horror movie that I genuinely like and enjoy watching. It's a movie adaptation of a Stephen King novel made in 2003 called Dreamcatcher 

I've seen many horror movies (mostly against my will) and I just don't like them, because they're usually fear driven, and I like my stories to be character driven.This film is an exception, as there are real characters with actual back stories (usually unheard of in horror). It's a film very much reminiscent of Stand by me, because it's a film about four guys and their lifelong friendship... (and this being a horror movie only the scriptwriter knows how long those lives will be!)

I originally only went to watch Dreamcatcher at the cinema for two reasons... Jason Lee and Thomas Jane... what can I say, I was a teenager and guys were a definite draw to certain movie choices. But I never regretted choosing to watch the film, in fact, I genuinely enjoyed letting Stephen King scare me... so much so that I went to watch it at the cinema two days in a row (and the film is over 2 hours long). 

This film is special to me, in a way, as a friend of the family who has since sadly passed away, went to watch the film with us (both days in a row). I remember those two days, nearly ten years ago now, like they were yesterday. So I guess I like the film not just because it's a good piece of cinematography, but because when I watch that film, the memories flood back. 

Dreamcatcher is (in my opinion) a horror film for people who genuinely like movies. I'm a film buff and I can, yes, sometimes be snooty about watching a film. The moments of mass Alien killing (of course there had to be some) are short and remorseless (none of this fake touchy feely remorse they love to plug into films to make them more "human"). If you're getting paid to go to war against Aliens who are invading your home planet, you're not going to cry about blowing a few up... 

The characters are tough and act out of compassion and love for their friends, which I think is much more genuine. I would fight an Alien to save one of my friends, and if they were hurt I would be devastated and then I'd fight back (none of this crying and running while I get chased down in the woods). In the fight or flee battle, I fear that horror writers often leave characters running for their lives with snotty noses. I can't stomach those films. This film, I am happy to say, contains none of that nonsense. The men (yes, even those who would not be considered brave) stay and fight and defend their own. There is not a single scene in which someone runs away from what they're facing, and I think that, more than anything, makes this a great film. 

Dreamcatcher manages to be witty and funny, even in the face of death. The group of friends, played by Jason Lee, Thomas Jane, Damian Lewis and Timothy Olyphant, are men with a friendship spanning over 20 years. There are no teenage girls running around in bikinis being snapped at by piranhas (sorry if that disappoints anyone, but it sure didn't disappoint me). The aliens in question play mind tricks, and although they have a few rows of nasty looking teeth, you can genuinely believe they are intelligent creatures capable of travel across the Universe to come and conquer our planet... Because when it comes to movies about aliens I want at least a little bit of credibility... or I'd go watch Mars Attacks one more time (I can't actually remember this film, but it was one of my brother's favourites as a kid).

There are many moments I like during this film. The funny, the sad, the rude and lewd jokes, the crazy and the violent. My favourite lines are all Jason Lee's... which tend towards the "B*tch in a buzz-saw, I've heard some mighty burps in my time, but that's the blue ribbon baby"

As always, the film may not be to everyone's taste, but if we were all the same it would be a very dull world. But I'd recommend giving the film a try, so long as you're not a hard core horror lover (as it's really not that scary)... and I haven't read the book, so I'm not sure if it translates well as an adaptation of a novel... 

Tonight I'm contending with my family's choice of movie... Prometheus (see what I mean about being dragged to horror movies). I've seen the Alien films, many moons ago (which is worrying as I can remember watching Alien aged 12 or so...) My most vivid memory of Alien (not sure which film, there are so many!) was the alien getting sucked into space through a tiny hole in the ship while calling out to his "mum"... I laughed... strangely I don't think I'll be laughing much tonight... wish me luck!


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