I've been tagged! So here's my elevenses

Wow... I leave my blog for 1 day, come back and find I've been tagged 4 times! (scratch that, I'm up to 5 now) I feel popular! I hope I can answer these with as interesting and funny comments as everyone else has done so far! It's been great reading everyone's replies, and it's exciting to find things we all have in common! So, without reading the questions first, here goes! I hope this helps everyone to know me a bit better... this'll be one long post!
1. What is the one thing you wish you knew how to do but don't?
At the minute I'm considering learning how to drive, I'd love to be able to. Unfortunately I was too busy having fun when I was 17/18, and the idea of driving (when I could get someone else to do it) seemed pointless (I should have thought more!)
2. If you could instantly know a foreign language (one you don't already know), which would it be?
German, my favourite Formula 1 racer is Sebastian Vettel (who is German) and I'd love to be able to hang out with him and chat away in his mother tongue! (I'm a very big F1 fan! and I get the irony... with me not driving myself...)
3. What is your first birthday memory?
I'm not very good when it comes to long term memory! I do remember my mum made a cake with tiny icing farm animals when I was very young. I told everyone at the party the animals were mine to eat, cos my mummy had made them... I wasn't one for sharing! And if I remember correctly every last one of them was delicious!
4. If you could go back to age 21 (assuming you're legal, lol), knowing what you know now, would you?
I've just turned 25, and all my friends are still 23 or 24, so I would definitely go back to being 21. Though I might wait a few more years before I go back to 21, I've much to learn yet!
5. If you went to your prom, was it everything you hoped? And if you didn't, do you regret it?
Sadly where I grew up there was no such thing as prom! (the Spanish aren't clued up on this type of thing... but we had karaoke at the school once... lame right?) I remember growing up watching American films, sighing at my promless future, but I would've totally rocked the prom, I would have regretted not going. 

6. Would you rather: perfect health, complete wealth, or never aging?
I want to say never aging (cos of my passion for vampires) but perfect health would be pretty perfect right now... money comes and goes, but your health, that keeps you alive... Never aging might give me perfect health though, and I could sell my story of eternal youth... I'm making this far more complicated than I should!
7. What is your favorite TV show from childhood?
When I was really little I liked The Dreamstone and I have to admit I recently bought a couple of the episodes on DVD (I'm quite nostalgic)
8. Which is the best book you've read in the past year?
Last Breath by Rachel Caine  - she's quickly becoming one of my favourite authors. I read the first book of the Morganville Vampires last summer and soon devoured (they're that good) the rest of the series. My best friend Anna bought me the latest installment for my birthday (it came out just in time) and I read it far too quickly, I wanted there to be more! So now I'm waiting (not patiently as I have no patience) for the next installment...
9. Which is your favorite book of all time?
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. This is kinda cheating, as it's a trilogy in five books (maths isn't my strong suit I know, but it makes sense when you read the books), but it's the book that got me into reading. I loved writing as a kid, but I never really liked reading books that were written in English (I first learned how to read in Spanish). But when I picked up the Hitchhiker's Guide I was sent into a whole new world, full of possibilities, and I never looked back. Just thinking about it makes me wanna run downstairs and start reading it all over again!The world Douglas Adams created is one I can only dream to emulate.
10. Which kitchen appliance could you not live without (not including the basics, fridge, stove, and sink)?
My brand new smoothie maker! My brother bought it me for Christmas, I'm a big fan of liquid food (smoothies, soup and milkshakes are my favourites) It helps me keep up with those pesky 5 a day.

11. If you had to choose, would you rather use an outhouse or have no electricity, forever?
Ouch! No electric means no tv, no internet, no light (I'm in England, it's dark for 10 out of 12 months)... but having to nip outside in the very cold English weather might be worse... I'm gonna go for no electric (I'll find a way for gas or an army of hamsters to power everything else) If I were still living in Spain I'd go for the outhouse...

1. Do you believe in fate? 

I want to, which probably means I do? I believe there is a right person out there for everyone, and one day I will meet mine, and give him a kick for taking so long to turn up! I also believe that if I work hard I can accomplish anything, fate sometimes has other plans, in those cases I ignore fate, I'm stubborn.

2. How the heck do you write and have a life? 

I have to have a life as well as write? Thankfully I have a group of amazing friends that understand sometimes I'm gonna become a hermit, not leave the office and write till I pass out. I met my best friends whilst at University, so they've seen me under the pressure of deadlines, when I live on no sleep and black coffee (my best friend Duggie even brought coffee when I was too focused to move, and I will love him forever for it). My degree was in English Language and Creative Writing, in the final year I had to write a total of 80,000 words (all classes combined), so they know what a life of writing is like. If I've been out of touch for too long they give me a reminder that I need to come up for air and socialise a bit!

3. If you were in a written story, which character trope would you most likely have followed? 

I'd love to hang out with Zaphod Beeblebrox from Hitchhiker's... he must have lived the most exciting and amazing adventures out there! I'd join him around the universe making a mess with a perfect combination of ditzyness and clumsiness.

4. Sweet or Savory? 

Sweet - I'm a fan of cake, chocolate cake...

5. What's your big dream? 

The big dream, hmmm I have never actually admitted this to anyone, and it may sound silly, but that's what big dreams are, right? I would write a brilliant novel and get it published (obviously), then have the rights bought for a movie and get asked to write the script. Move to somewhere sunnier, like L.A., where I can write the script in the sun, meet an amazing man, get married and have half a dozen kids and spend the rest of my life writing and going to school plays and any other activities my kids wanna do (family is important to me).

6. Fondest memory? 

My puppy Pookie! He was the cutest toy Poodle, apricot coloured and super excitable. We used to watch South American tv soaps together on the couch. And he was small enough to put in my bag (he was too lazy to walk! and my heart would melt when he sat and looked up at me, his eyes telling me how tiring his lil legs found walking long distances)

7. What's your biggest wish? (world peace does not count)

Can I wish for world health? If not, I'd wish that everyone I love gets to live the lives that make them most happy.

8. Would you rather have an exciting life and be alone or find the great love of your life and live a relatively normal one? 

I've thought about this a lot, and I've come to the conclusion that if I met the perfect man for me, that one true love, life would be exciting enough. Love is, after all, an adventure... I guess I'm a bit of a romantic? So I would live the adventure of love, after all, what could be more fulfilling?

9. Have you ever done something, only to realize a half a second later that you made a mistake? 

Yes, every day! I often try to put the cereal box in the washing machine, which I promise, is always a mistake... But on a bigger scale I've also made a few...

10. Did you try to go back and fix it, or did you follow through?

I figure I have two options, admit I made a mistake or lie and hope that no one notices... I'm not a very good liar, and I don't do subtle!

11. Do you edit while writing or after the draft is done?

My tutors at University used to constantly tell me off for editing as I go, it makes the writing process slow and painful. It's also hard for a crit group to critique something you've already spent hours making near perfect. So this past November I decided to join the NaNoWriMo, which I'd attempted in the past, but soon gave up on. This time I used it as a tool to get the first draft of my novel down on paper without spending three months on one chapter! And it worked, I wrote a first draft that is still in dire need of an edit, but I wrote 53,000 words in one month, which for me was a successful month. 

 Jenna Cooper

1.Redvines or Twizzlers?  

From a search on Google I gather these are strawberry flavour candy... like liquorice? Not a fan... chewy candy isn't something I've ever developed a taste for, but next time I'm in America I will try both so I can give a proper verdict on them! 
2.With your iPod/MP3 on shuffle, what's the first song that comes up?  

The Ditty Bops "There's a Girl" from the Grey's Anatomy soundtrack
3.What's your least favorite book you ever had to read for school?

I think I've managed to block most school memories out (thankfully) But I believe it was about drug smuggling in the south of Spain... My lit teacher asked us all to re-read it when we were older. I haven't. I found it a tad too unsavoury...
4.You're the producer for turning any one book into a movie, which do you choose to do?

There are just too many options... Can it be my own?

5.What's your favorite youtube video? 

At the minute this one... don't worry, he eventually does make it!

6.Who did you look up to when you were thirteen years old?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer... she was cool, she was independent, no one messed with her or tried to tell her who she was. And the girl knew how to pick her guys... sort of... As role models go, I could've picked worse I guess!

7.Which food do you wish you could rid the planet of?

Brussel Sprouts. They're tiny cabbages you can fit whole in your mouth! Why would anyone ever want to do that to themselves? They're pure evil.

8.Why did you decide to start blogging?

I decided to start blogging after a summer working in Canada, partly to share all about it, partly to get a job for a magazine while I was still studying... I managed both, but recently I've discovered how much I love blogging and I spend hours on here! I've actually taken down most of my original posts, but I'm re-editing them and may start re-uploading them soon! I love sharing my passion for Canada with the world!

9.Do you cry over books/movies/TV shows?

All the time. In a crazy, full body shaking, agonising pain in my heart, kinda way! Some things are just too powerful and overwhelming, I recently watched P.S. I love you for the first time, cried like a baby all the way through... Equally I can cry over a touching scene on Gilmore Girls or Veronica Mars... even if I've seen the episode a thousand times, nothing makes me immune to a powerful scene. The book that most made me cry was Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, too sad for words...

10.What's one thing you believe in with all your heart?

Happy endings... I really have a naive way of thinking that eventually there will be a happy ending, be it in life or in fiction, I'm a lover of a walking together into the sunset kinda ending.

11.Flowers or chocolate?

Choco-loco-loco-loco-late (that was my second word, the first was mummy) The phrase was probably (loosely translated) Mummy, I need chocolate, stat! 

W. Chaser

1.  If you could be any fictional baddie who would you be and why?

Drusilla (from Buffy the vampire slayer) I love how crazy/bad she is! I'm sure there are others, but none spring to mind right now!

2. If you could go back in time and stop someone being born who would it be?

I wouldn't want to change anything in the past or history, because it'd be messing with things far too powerful for me. But I would sure get rid of that school bully I suffered as a kid! 

3. When do you get your most inspirational ideas?

At night, usually while I'm trying to sleep! I've been an insomniac for many, many years. 

4.  If you had to live without either books or music, which would it be?

 It's a tough choice, but I could try to live without music, but books are my life.

5.  Who provides the most encouragement for your writing?

My friends, they endure the re-writes, the lack of contact, the hissy fits and at the end of it all, they all offer to read it for me! 

6.  If you could have one wish, what would it be?

I'd wish for a publishing contract... but then people always tell me to be careful what I wish for!

7.  Do you remember your dreams and do they influence your writing?

I've always been able to remember my dreams, and sometimes they are very peculiar. Most of my stories have come from dreams, which is a bit like cheating. But when you dream of a cat with three tails jumping out of a Zeppelin full of vampires, as it grows bigger by the second, while some supernatural Dr tries to talk a vamp from following suit, coffin first... yeah... I know, I'm scared of my dreams!

8.  What word do you frequently misspell?

Words with a double c or s on the whole, success is probably the only one I can spell first try!

9.  How much influence in your writing do you take from other people’s opinions?

I respect the opinions of people who take the time to read my work and give an honest critique... the changes I make are influenced by many things though. 

10. If there is one book you wish you’d written, what is it?

Hitchhiker's... I'll never get over how good it is!

11. Starter or Desert?

Can I not just skip the main and have both? If forced to choose I'd go for Desert...

1.  Pantser or Planner?

I like plans, but end up being a pantser every time! It gets me by...
2.  Favorite book, movie, and TV show?

Hitchiker's book (the movie was awful, awful, awful, so awful)

Grosse Point Blank - best movie ever!
TV Show... that's a tough one, but I'm gonna go with How I Met Your Mother, it's too funny.

3.  Would you rather have free Starbucks for five years or free itunes for life?

Must. Have. Coffee... The only problem is that Starbucks in the UK kinda sucks, so I'd opt for itunes and save myself a bomb on downloading tracks each time an old song pops into my head.

4.  What inspires you more, music or visual (ie: photography, scenery, etc)?

A little bit of both, though lately more the visual, I have a fascination for sunset/sunrises.

5.  Are you also addicted to Pinterest?

I had to Google this! It looks cool, but thankfully it's one of the few things online I'm not addicted to (yet)

6.  The question for the ages, Edward or Jacob?

Jacob, without question. He's always warm, and when you get bored he can turn into a wolf and you can play fetch! (is that cruel?)

7.  Would you rather be able to talk to animals or to be able to speak and understand any language?

Any language... I think. Because animals are probably thinking about food most of the time, and I do enough of that myself.

8.  Would you rather be kidnapped by terrorists or abducted by aliens?

Aliens. They might be nice...

9.  What is the genre(s) that you write for?

I'm mainly a Fantasy writer, but I'm also a fan of writing comedy and romance (though not too gushy, I don't gush)

10.  *Warning stolen question* If money were no object, where would your dream vacation take place?

Hawaii, or a round trip of Italy... Can I do a trip around the world? Money is no object after all...

11.  Did you cry in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part two?  Was one of the times when Dumbledore asked Severus, "After all this time?" and Severus responded, "Always. "  And if not, are you sure you have a soul?

Yes, yes, who would not cry there???? (maybe only he who shall not be named)

Thanks everyone for all the questions!

Right! Now that I've managed to get those done (hopefully without sounding like a completely crazy person, though the amount of questions I had to answer might have driven me mad(der)), here's my chance to ask you guys some questions!

1. Favourite all time top five movies?
2. Best music to write to?
3. Mornings or nights?
4. What made you want to write in the first place?
5. Do you have regrets or do you not believe in them?
6. Where's your favourite place in the whole world (real or fictional)?
7. What song(s) make you sing along or get up and dance, no matter where you are?
8. Cats or dogs?
9. One thing you can't write without (favourite pen, picture of your family, lucky smurf figurine? the weirder the better)?
10. What's your proudest moment?
11. One day of true love or all the riches in the world?

And here's who I'm tagging:

C.M. Brown 
Amber Clites 
Jolene Stockman
Stephanie Allen
Rhiannon Morgan
Callie Kingston 


  1. That's a crazy amount of questions to answer! Yikes! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. Just completed your questions Katrina. You can find them answered in a post on my blog. Hey, must say I really love your braclet!

    By the way, I have joined a protest about the two word verification to detect robots, join up turn it off!

    1. Thanks for answering the questions =] and I absolutely love that bracelet, it's hand molded glass! The couple that make them let me take a class, some people should not be trusted with an open flame and liquid glass... I am one of them! lol Karina xoxo

  3. Love your answers!!!! I just finished answering yours as well http://amberafterglow.blogspot.com/2012/02/eleven-questions.html

    Oh and there might be a slight mention of your being a doppelgänger to Drew Barrymore and the fact that I'm a little in love with your bangs!

  4. Sebastian Vettel FTW! :D I can teach you some German. hehe. Also thank you for tagging me, I shall get on top of those questions soon. :)

    1. oooh I would love to learn some German! It's not something they teach in Spain... I am literally that obsessed with Formula 1 that I've been counting down the days from when the last season finished... (I shouldn't admit these things) Karina xoxo

  5. Thanks for answering my questions! I love getting to know people. I love your belief in happy endings, I think it's an important one to believe in, too.

  6. Hi Karina,

    I'm stopping by from the campaign to say hello -- loved reading the answers to all these questions. I too got tagged five times, but I cheated a little and didn't answer all the questions! Nice to learn so much about you!


  7. I really enjoyed reading your answers :) Thank you so much for the tag - I think I'm at about 5 tags too, now! Oh, and hi from the Campaign! *waves*

  8. Wow, lots of answer to read through. I was disappointed I didn't get to see the puppy finally roll over.
    I'm your new follower from the campaign.

    1. Oh no! I hate disappointment! So to make up for it, here's where the puppy gets up! =) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqiDrpAXEDA&feature=related Thanks for the follow! Karina xoxo

  9. I finished my questions!!! 300 years later!!!! Thank you for the tag :) I had 55 questions, too - so I answered via monster-montage :) My favourite question of yours? "One thing you can't write without..."

    My answer? A bubble! I write best when I'm in "the zone" and for me that feels like a bubble :) You can find my answers here: http://jolenestockman.blogspot.co.nz/2012/02/11-11-11-11-11-1111.html

    (Also, I loved re-reading your answers again just now... So thoughtful and lovely :)) Plus yay Veronica Mars!


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