The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - film night

This week I had the great privilege of watching an early viewing of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. I'd only heard about the film via my mother (who won tickets to watch the film as it's not due to be released yet).I'll admit up front, that had my mother asked me to pay to go and see this film with her, I wouldn't have. And do you know what? I would've missed out!

The Premise: A group of retirees move out to India under the illusion they're going to be staying at a luxury hotel for the elderly and beautiful. The hotel they arrive at is far from finished, but as the saying goes "everything will be alright in the end, so if it is not alright, it is not yet the end" (favourite quote from the movie) I won't tell you much more about the film content itself (spoilers can ruin a film for some people), but what I will tell you is that I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to watch a beautiful film.

It wasn't a film I would normally watch, it's a quirky British comedy, full of big names (and sometimes too many good actors can make a mess of a film). I was pleasantly surprised to see characters that were truly believable (never judge a book by its cover). The film is much more than what it's advertised as (comedy drama). It's touching, funny, and beautiful. Each character shows a different side to humanity, above all this film is about relationships of all kinds amongst people of all ages.

The one message I took away from this film is that the saying "old dogs can't learn new tricks" is completely untrue! By the end of the film I was routing for the relationships on the screen, and (not giving too much away) I was not disappointed with the ending! Each character grew and changed for the better (mostly), above all, it was a two hours well spent and well worth a watch!

Here's a small trailer to give you an idea of what to expect...

My favourite character in the movie was Evelyn (she kept a blog, so that made me warm to her instantly). She's the character that the film focuses on the most, and Dame Judi Dench's performance was brilliant. By the end of the film you will be routing for her, she is brave despite being frightened, she is graceful despite what life has put her through... 

 So I hope you guys go out and watch this film, and if you do, let me know what you made of it!


  1. I actually had this on my watch list. Not to go see in the theaters, but to rent when it came out. Now I might have to change my mind!


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