Welcome to 2012!

Like most people around the World, for me the New Year brings hope of personal change. There's the typical lose weight, be more active etc. etc. (that Wii fit will not be happy with me when I finally switch it back on after a November AND December on the outs) I could go on with the list of wishes for self improvement we all consider in our first minutes of a New Year... but you get my point. The one thing these wishes and hopes have in common is that they aren't things we particularly look forward to, unless a rumbly tumbly floats your boat (sadly it just makes mine sink).

In 2009, however, I decided that the usual Resolutions to diet and miraculously develop a flat stomach, (without breaking a sweat) were not going to happen. Nope, not even with that weird electrical ab machine that got used three times and then re-boxed and added to my pile of junk in the office. That year I decided to set myself goals I would enjoy, and therefore be more likely to keep up throughout the year, sounds great right?

So, as you can guess, diets and early morning jogging were not high on my list (though I have become addicted to both of these at one stage or another of my life, and that seems like a very long time ago!). Instead I decided to make a list of all the great things, even if they were only small everyday activities, that would make my year more enjoyable. I work in an office, so lets just say that going on holiday to Barbados is a bit out of budget, so my list had to be simple. And the joyous thing about my new way of thinking was that even eating more cake could be on this list! Yes, finally a resolution I can stick to!

First I decided I would read more books - easy, I thought to myself, as a writer needs to read, and I definitely enjoy reading. Plus, being well read always makes me feel smarter (when telling people you're reading more, leave out the fact they're all vampire books, I find it impresses people more). This item has definitely stayed on my list for 2012, so far I've read four books... (yikes that seems like a lot considering we're on the 10th of January... ) But I do love reading, and let me tell you, it sure feels great to have a big tick next to one of my New Year resolutions this early on in the year! I will leave out the fact that they were all vampire novels...

Then I vowed to watch more films. Any kind, from romantic comedies to a historically accurate portrayal of 1980's punks... Anything goes. And yes, I have already watched more films than I can count this year (granted if it was a matter of life or death I may be able to list them, as I'm a really big film buff) This year's film obsession so far is my favourite actor, John Cusack, from the Better off Dead 1980's comedy, to the more recent War Inc. and Shanghai (which I had to import from the Netherlands, might have to learn a new language to understand the Chinese or the Danish subtitles though... challenge accepted?) I have been watching them all. Though much to my dismay (that reading is sure paying off) I have misplaced my copy of High Fidelity, might have to invest in a new one, as the box is sat sadly empty on my shelf!

My third resolution this year is to write a book. This book will be a bit different from the NaNoWriMo I finally got around to finishing last year, which was really gratifying. This year I intend to write a book to submit to the Terry Pratchett First Novel Award ( http://terrypratchett.co.uk/?p=1348 ) The idea is already brewing in my head, and it's a new genre for me, more historical romance than fantasy or sci fi, after all, the resolutions had to involve some form of personal challenge (though eating more cake than I did last year would definitely be a challenge! And one I would gladly accept.)

Next I decided to do something a bit more career oriented. Working in an office really is not something I dreamed of as a kid! So I have decided to volunteer for our local newspaper, put that degree of mine to some good use (or at least fetch coffee?) I'm always a bit wary with the first day of something new, but I'm quite excited about getting stuck in with this one!

Finally, I have continued with my positive Silver Lining way of thinking, and so far it's really working. I try to find small things each day that make me smile. I've never been gladder of camera phones before, as both of these pictures would never have happened if I didn't have mine handy, although I'm no photographer, they brought a smile to my face! Just when you think summer could not come sooner you see skies like this...

So join me in making New Year Resolutions that you're going to happily keep! Let me know how you do and what your Resolutions are (as I may wanna steal them for my list!) I'll keep you all up to date with the progress of mine... wish me luck! K x


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