I did it! I totally did it! I defied all reason and dug my heels in and refused to stop writing! And by gosh I did it!

I did it! I totally did it! I defied all reason and dug my heels in and refused to stop writing! And by gosh I did it! Santos is officially written and I can proudly call myself a novelist (I'm ignoring the fact that editing will soon have to follow, let me enjoy the glory while I can)

And now that the patting myself on the back and embarrassing gushing at my own miraculous achievement is over (I blushed a little but it didn't stop me from sticking with the title of this post) I present you with my month of literary abandon... 

DAY 1 - I started with the best of intentions, as anyone else would. I sat down on the first day and made it to 1667 for the first time. It was late but it felt great. I was proud... And I managed to have a night of Christmas decoration painting before I sat down to write...
Look that's me on the left, looking over excited to be painting, and the lovely Alex on my right!

DAYS 3, 4, 5 and 6 - Nothing. Zilch. Not a word. Not even the best of intentions would have gotten me to sit in front of the computer screen. I tried switching the computer on, but I was simply too busy...

I have excuses, of course, I wouldn't show up unprepared for my own pity party...

DAY 3 - my brother showed up for one of his few and far between visits... I could hardly not see him.

DAY 4 - I turned 25 (turns out I'm only doing that once... but I might try turning 25 again next year, people may not notice and I've never been good at maths) My family took me out for a lovely day of shopping and lunch at a posh restaurant... again, I could hardly say no to that... right?
Mum made me an amazing apron for my birthday! (I love baking) You can find her sewn crafts on Facebook at

Michelle's Crafts  


DAY 5 - I threw a Halloween party at my new house, so it was a joint birthday, house warming and Halloween celebration... three in one... and I got to look like this...

Zombie me... before the drinking started (I promise I was just very in character here)

Cupcakes made by my own fair hands

Mud inspired brownies!
DAY 7 - I managed to write 4,000 words after work, finally getting started, serious about the matter. I felt positive that if I kept that up for a couple days then I would be back on track, and all that jazz.

DAY 8 - 8 days in and I was 8,000 words behind. I felt guilty, because I'd promised myself that this year I would try really hard and I would make it...Still, I work best under pressure. I managed a less impressive 2103 words that day and was at this point nearing the 9,000 word mark.

DAY 9 - Proud owner of 1 cold... woke up feeling like I'd walked into a spade, face first. My note to self was "It will not defeat me!"

DAY 10 ...

DAY 11 ...

DAY 12 - It did defeat me. After three days of no writing my immune system kicked in and I finally beat the 10,000 word marker. My only hope at this point was to spend a whole weekend typing away furiously... and at this point, after all the obstacles so far, I wasn't going to mess around, surely?

DAY 13 - I reached 13,080 ... I had planned to reach 15,000 ... The Formula 1 was on tv ... and I never miss a race ... (this is probably the worst of my excuses)

After DAY 14 the month became a frenzy of writing. I was getting up at 6 a.m. for work and then after work I would write until 12.30 at night.

DAY 17 saw me pass the 25,000 mark. I'm not quite sure how, but it must have been one of those fancy miracles I heard so much about growing up! I became, officially speaking, only 2 days behind schedule. I was, however, already starting to suffer from sleep deprivation, disturbing dark-shadows-under-the-eyes kinda tired (I did check and I had definitely washed off all my zombie make up)

DAY 18 - mantra to self #MustStayAwakeInWork with the following thought of #Idon'tCareThatThisIsn'tTwitter

DAY 19 and beyond... I caught up! I was officially no longer behind! I was also slightly out of my mind, I lived on 3 coffees a day, ignoring my slight allergy to caffeine. After all hyperactivity is a good side effect when you're passing out tired!

DAY 29 - Beyond happy. Beyond excited. Beyond 50,000 words. Final word count on NaNoWriMo 50640 ... I did a happy dance to We Are The Champions, grinned like a maniac and exploded with joy!

That night, unfortunately, I could not sleep. I went to bed at a normal time, but sleep would not arrive. Turns out not only have I finished a novel, I now want to write the sequel. So last night I stayed up and wrote the outline to Santos II - this may turn into a trilogy... Wish me luck!


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