Moving House... the adventure

So this last month I moved house... it was on a bit of a whimsy really. My flat was feeling cold and damp and really rather cramped. And as they say "If it rhymes it must be true" 

This here (to the left) is my new house. It's a bit on the bland side from the outside, but what can you expect in Lancashire? (I kid, it's lovely around here...) I promise the inside is brilliant!

I have moved various times over the years, each time accumulating more and more stuff as I go along. This last move has been exhausting! I have been in the new place 4 weeks, and so far have only accomplished to drive myself slightly madder, unpack half the boxes and realise I have FAR too much stuff!

There have been, however, a few funny moments along the way, which I would like to share...

The 'What's wrong with this envelope?' envelope...

My brother and I found this little gem behind my desk. I don't know where it came from or how it got behind said desk, but I love the irony of the poor thing. It seemed to be shouting out at me, in the only form an envelope not out of Harry Potter can, what's wrong with me? Why have you left me here in the dark?
Don't worry though, the envelope is no longer lying on a dark floor behind a piece of furniture. I binned it.

The 'condom wrapper in a Passport' moment...

In order to pay for moving home I had to work a lot of overtime (in the office). On one of our many early Saturday mornings sifting through documents we came across this... it definitely brought a smile to my face (mainly because I didn't have to touch it). Speculation over the intentional and/or accidental placement of this wrapper lead to hours of entertainment!

The 'window licking bird'

Ok, so technically this is a mirror licking bird... but window licking has more of a ring to it. My grandparents were given this lovely erm "specimen"  by their cleaner (I'm not a birds-in-houses lover, they should be outside doing bird related activities) Originally it was called Rocky (after the movie), then it was discovered the bird was actually a girl (I think laying an egg was the tip off) so they re-named her Roxy... (after the Chicago movie?) and after a few weeks she is now being called Rosy (like Jim's sister that was revamped and became his girlfriend... but Rosy and Jim are another thing altogether (a tv show for those of you who think I've gone mad)) . Whether it's the gender confusion, the constant Prince-like name changes or the cage, something has clearly gone wrong with this bird... because every time I visit she sits and licks the mirror... I promise to get a better picture next time, she's camera shy... maybe a mirror-lickingly good video?

And from a captive bird we go to the 'kissing birds'.

This lovely couple moved into the small fenced off area outside my office at the beginning of summer. I captured this lovingly romantic moment on camera for posterity... maybe I'll show it to their kids next year? I'm also pleased to say that three months on they can still be spotted in the area together...

The 'Waking up next to grumpy bear' moment...

During the move all my stuff was everywhere, half packed into boxes, lying on floors, and a lucky few got to share the bed with me so that they didn't get dusty.

Lotso here seemed to take sharing a bed too literally though, as I woke up one morning to find him propped up like this, under the covers, staring at me... a worrying thought... it was too funny a moment not to take a picture!

And finally...

The 'missing artwork'

Since my childhood I've been an avid painter. I've always loved imprinting my view of the world onto canvas. In college I had to choose a theme and work around that, so I chose trees. There is something very spiritually moving about a forest full of trees huddled together or a single lonely tree standing against all odds in all kinds of weather...

I painted all these in college and had thought them long lost up until recently. After I moved house my mum pulled them out of a built in cupboard in her house saying "you've room for them now".

Strangely, they couldn't have come at a better moment in my life. I've recently been considering whether I should put down the paintbrush for good. Now these are definitely not the best pieces of art the world has ever seen... I'll admit that much. Yet they brought a smile to my face as I remembered when and where I was when I painted them. So I'm going to continue painting merrily away in my new office!

I hope you've enjoyed reading about my weird and wonderful insights into my house move... the fun aspects at least. This was my little silver lining in what has proven to be a very stressful month!
But not one to shy away from stress I will be back again during November as I have decided to take on the Nanowrimo challenge this year... during which I'm throwing a Halloween themed 25th birthday for myself, shopping at Christmas markets and painting Snowmen for my Christmas tree... wish me luck!


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