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So... this is my first non-fiction post on my Blog... I usually let my writing do all the talking! But I love the idea of imagining my novel made into a movie... and daydreaming about who would play my characters led to joining Blogfest and this...

Starring in Julien Mae-Be a Detective...

 Jamie Bell as Julien. My main character, Julien, may not be the tallest but he's a young, toned vampire with short blonde hair (I'm sure Jamie wouldn't mind keeping the muscles and making his hair a BIT more blonde?) After watching Jamie in The Eagle I knew he would be perfect for the role, slightly shy but bold when necessary and with a quiet intellect that makes him quick to the punch... also, the good looks and charm do help.

Zoe Saldana as Aalirah. Member of the Trifecta of vampires, Aalirah is Julien's maker, who turned him out of love. Although Zoe is a lot taller than Aalirah, she has the beauty and grace necessary for the part. There is also something quite alluring yet fragile about her that I think comes through nicely in this picture.

The smoking man from the X-Files (aka William Bruce Davis) as Mr Morris (aka Bialy)
Also a member of the Trifecta vampires, this character adopts Julien as a child in Poland 1557. He's quiet and harsh, not letting his soft nature be seen. He's a logical vampire, seemingly with no human impulses left in him. Seeing the smoking man play him would be brilliant, as I'm a bit of a geek! Though of all my choices this is the one I'm least certain about...

Ray Winstone as Markos. Markos is the final of the Trifecta, he's boisterous, a party animal, usually found drunk and merry surrounded by a brood of women. Ray would play this character beautifully (though he would need a slightly bigger beard) as he'd bring the element of comedy needed to pull off Markos' violent nature in a charismatic way.

Olivia Wilde as Raquel. Raquel was Julien's partner for three lifetimes. She was an expert torturer with an elegant and striking beauty. She's also Markos' daughter, the murdered vampire whose death Julien is investigating. Her eyes and black hair are her main features and Olivia has THE most striking eyes and suits her hair dark. I'd love to see her play a darker character than the nice Dr she plays in House!  
Chace Crawford as Derek. Best known for his role in Gossip Girl, Chace has the cheeky smile and charisma that Derek uses to his advantage. Derek is loved by everyone except for Julien, who seems to see past the "fake" charm. I think Chace would play the game loving Derek well, he could win everyone with his smile.

Last minute cheeky addition...
Jessica Lowndes as Erika. I found this picture of Jessica and it is PERFECT to show who I would like to play Erika. The only-just-turned vampire who is Julien's ex-lover and happens to bare a striking resemblance with his ex-flame Raquel. Young and bubbly with a girly 80's vibe, I think Lowndes would be perfect from what I've seen of the young talent in 90210.


  1. Wonderful cast! And thanks you for joining in on the fun!

  2. mmm I love Zoey and Olivia! Great cast! Thanks for taking part in my blogfest!

  3. Jamie Bell was the best part of the Eagle. Possibly the only good part. :) Great choice for your MC.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Marie at the Cheetah

  4. Love Zoe and I love how you caught that something a little fragile about her. An intriguing set of characters.

  5. Thanks everyone for the comments they cheered up my morning! I'm hoping this game will help cure my writers block! =)
    xoxo Karina

    ps definitely agreed that Jamie Bell was the only good thing in The Eagle!

  6. Wow. Now that is a great cast! can't wait to read the book.

    The Devil’s Song

  7. Zoe is SOOOO beautiful! I love her!


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