The Opening - Julien Mae - Be a Detective A vampire's tale

The opening
‘Patience is waiting. Not passively waiting, that’s laziness. But to keep going, when the going is hard and tough. That’s patience.’ – Anonymous

Julien Mae. What a sight for sore eyes.’ The girl’s big smile may have filled the room, but it was not sincere. Neither were her words.
‘Misty. Don’t try and flatter me. It’s never worked in the past, why would that’ve changed?’ his dry voice chilled the air.
            ‘I thought maybe age would change you in some way. But no, I guess I’m not surprised to see you exactly the same as fifty years ago. At least the clothes have changed. That army uniform never suited you, you’re too pale, too... slender.’ Her red smile didn’t waver as she puffed on her long cigarette filter. ‘But t-shirt and jeans... that’s common enough to suit you I suppose.’
            ‘Your attempt at an insult? Charming. For a child,’ and this time it was Julien’s turn to smile, cocking an eyebrow at her from behind his aviator sunglasses.
            ‘Envy does not suit you,’ she snapped. ‘Being eternally sweet sixteen has more advantages than your...’ at this she faltered. ‘You know I could never figure your age out. Twenty six?’ a small frown burrowed between her perfectly shaped brows.
            ‘Guess better next time,’ Julien lowered his sunglasses to offer her a wink. His blue eyes flashed in the dimly lit car park. ‘Why did you call me here? Surely not just to see if I would show? It’s not a surprise birthday celebration. A game maybe?’ he picked an invisible piece of fluff off his leather jacket. ‘I tire of your games.’
            ‘I might have played with you in the past, but I take my duty seriously. Unfortunately this is not a social call, no games this time. It’s Raquel. She’s dead.’


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